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“Not everyone prefers the same tea that we get from a vending machine. Either with the help of the mobile application that comes along with the product or with the help of the user interface embedded onto the product.The kettle comes with a central display console comprising a display button placed right at the centre of the console that helps in selecting the various options in the menu,” Sachin added.Jajmau is about 8 km east of Kanpur city and is nearly 20 km upstream of the river from the IIT Campus.According to Hindu mythology, just after creating the universe, Lord Brahma performed the Ashvamedh Yajna (Horse Sacrifice) at Bithoor (also known as Brahmavart) and established a shivalingam there.This provided a large continental mass which together with large rainfall in the catchment area and long term erosion generated /enlarged the river valleys of the Ganga.It is established that the Ganga once has flowed longitudinally behind the Himalaya.Think Change India is a curated collection of positive news and stories from online publications across the country.

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Southward thrusting and massive frontal erosion of the Himalaya caused progressive truncation of the longitudinal courses of these rivers.

Geologically, the Ganga is a very interesting system as the processes controlling valley formation and filling in this large river basin are extremely variable in space (Fig.1).

Since its formation, the Ganga river has evolved continuously and formed many courses.

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